Hello, I'm Tim Sievers. I grew up fascinated by the computer revolution and since the 1990's I've been helping people navigate the jargon jungle!

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Welcome to Tim's Tips!

My name is Tim Sievers. I've been helping people to get along with their gadgets for over 20 years. From an early age I was intrigued by technology and to my parent's dismay I would pull apart my mechanical & electronic toys just to see how they worked!

As a teenager in the 1980's I was troubleshooting all things digital for family & friends. Back then computers were beyond my budget, but I took every opportunity I could get to use them, from the Macs at school, to the IBM at the local library and even my next-door neighbor's old Commodore 64!

In the 1990's I started providing computer support and later became a certified Microsoft & Apple support professional. Over the years I learned that any technology can be let down by poor instructions or overly complex interfaces that ruin the user experience.

I can remember seeing some the world's most amazing machines gathering dust in Office corners because users just couldn't get their heads around them. Still today it seems that some new gadgets are designed by geeks for geeks, with little thought for the rest of us.

These days I'm a full time tech writer. My guides are designed to cut through the techno-babble and help you get the most out of the latest technology.

I'm always happy to hear your ideas, feedback & suggestions. Please send your emails to:


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I'm busy working on the new edition of my bestselling Kindle Fire tips book. The update will cover the new HD and HDX Kindle Fires. I hope to have both the paperback and kindle ebook versions available in November.

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